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Siromed maintains mutually beneficial relationships with patients, providers, surgeons, hospitals and healthcare systems using performance, outcome, and satisfaction measurements to demonstrate accountability and improvement in our care delivery. We do what we say we’re going to do with clearly defined expectations, follow-up and feedback.

Respect & Integrity

Siromed always demonstrates respect for the personal autonomy, dignity and worth, and individual uniqueness of each person we serve, and those with whom we serve. We actively seek out opportunities to demonstrate our regard and appreciation for others. We conduct our business in accordance with the highest standards of professional behavior and ethics to ensure we do the right thing. Siromed is transparent, honest, and ethical in all interactions with employees, clinical providers, hospital clients, vendors, and the public.

Innovation Excellence

Siromed continuously challenges the status quo in the relentless pursuit of excellence. Each of us demonstrates a personal commitment to the highest standards of safety, quality and service. We anticipate change and shape it to fit our purposes. Innovation means making meaningful change to improve outcomes for our patients and clients. Innovation is essential as we search out new ways to design, develop and advance creative, timely and effective healthcare solutions.

Who We Are

A physician led organization specializing in providing management services and sourcing capital for practices.

Siromed is a physician led organization which specializes in pursuing partnerships with physician practices by providing management services and if necessary working capital to assist them with achieving their strategic initiatives in their specialty. Siromed is led by Drs. Lewis Gold and Mitchell Eisenberg former President and CEO, respectively of Sheridan Healthcare. Drs. Gold and Eisenberg have over 29 years of experience in managing and growing physician entities while delivering high quality patient care. Siromed’s anesthesia platform is anchored by Anesthesia Associates of Ann Arbor, PLLC (A4), which is the largest provider of anesthesia and pain management in the state of Michigan and Ascent Medical Group, LLC, located in Boca Raton, FL.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers

We partner with ambulatory surgery centers to optimize patient care and surgeon satisfaction while providing anesthesia services at lower or no cost to the facility. We understand the unique dynamics associated with providing high quality anesthesia services at an ASC and provide the metrics, tools and resources necessary to drive positive patient outcomes. The key to our success has been to partner with ASC administration and surgeons and take a personalized approach to the unique needs of each facility.

Anesthesia Consultants

We collaborate with healthcare facilities to analyze and assess every facet of your anesthesia department. Learn how we can help your facility deliver consistently high-quality patient care, optimize operating room performance, increase revenues and improve patient and surgeon satisfaction. A Siromed engagement allows you to retain your current anesthesia provider while benefitting from our expertise.

Anesthesia & Pain Management

Our extensive experience in anesthesia delivery and management makes us the perfect partner for hospitals, ASC’s, medical offices, and medical groups. Siromed focuses on assessing and identifying pain points for our clients, offering cost-effective strategies to address these needs and building an execution plan driven by data and metrics that focus on achieving results. Our experience shows us that building true perioperative partnerships helps improve operational efficiencies, reduce or eliminate subsidies, and improve patient safety, quality and outcomes.

Budgeting & Financial Planning

Siromed’s flexible reporting platform provides our physician partners with granular information to determine the profitiability of their practices, trends for future planning and helps to secure current holdings while allowing you to strategically plan for future growth.


Siromed serves as the credentialing liaison between our practice groups and hospital clients. Our advisors guide our physicians and staff through initial enrollment at a hospital, track and maintain licensures, send renewal notifications and field all inquiries and requests from hospital staff.

Financial Management

Siromed’s experienced financial advisors provide our partners with knowledge and intelligence to thrive well into the future.


We focus on issues that are important to hospitals, including the shift from volume to value, complex changes in the healthcare environment, and evolving government regulations. When these are combined with focusing on meeting operating room metrics that impact the hospital’s financials, patient satisfaction, surgeon satisfaction and patient safety and quality, having the right anesthesia partner is critical. Our practice management methodologies have proven our ability to reduce the total cost of care while insuring that patients receive the quality of care stakeholders expect.

Monthly Operating Reports

Siromed provides customized operating reports from our best-in-class on demand, reporting system. Our physician partners get the information they need to evaluate the profitability of their practices.

Office-Based Anesthesia

Siromed provides office-based surgical practices with clinical expertise, quality and safety that are unique to the office setting. Our experienced and dedicated providers are trained in local anesthetics, sedation and general anesthesia. They support a wide range of surgical specialties, including endoscopy, plastic surgery and ophthalmology.

Physician Support

Our physicians have access to Siromed advisors and their expertise in the industry. They have the necessary resources at their disposal to evaluate organic growth and assess new business opportunities. The depth and experience of the administrative team are unique to Siromed.

Practice Management

Siromed works with its physician partners to maximize practice operations and drive organic growth.

Revenue Cycle Management

Siromed provides its physician practice partners with management of their entire revenue cycle. Siromed keeps abreast of industry best practices, IT tools and changing reimbursement methodologies. We use the industry-leading software for coding and billing for our organization.

Our Expertise & Services

Allow Siromed to handle the business side of your practice, while you get back to the practice of medicine.

Siromed Statistics

Our anesthesia care team model is comprised of Anesthesiologists, CRNAs, and Nurse Practitioners. Our providers work closely together, adhere to Siromed standards of excellence and use the latest anesthesia equipment to deliver high-quality care to every patient every time.


How it Works

Fully Engaged Throughout

At Siromed, providing high-quality care to patients is the foundation of what we do. We are committed and engaged at every step in the patient care process:

  • Use our data to continuously learn, create a better service offering, and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction.
  • Engage with both our surgeon colleagues and their patients to appropriately prepare patients for their operation and avoid cancellations.
  • Collaborate with surgeons and the healthcare facilities to manage the patient’s post-operative pain and care. Manage billing, coding and relationships with payers to ensure a seamless experience for patients.
Our Care Team Model Supports Improved Patient Outcomes

Siromed has initiated the use of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) protocols in its anesthesia platform which is an evidence-based approach to surgical care, resulting in better surgical experiences for patients, shorter hospital stays and reduced costs. Enhanced recovery guidelines and practices focus on a more holistic patient-centered approach to surgical care. The commitment to building Perioperative Surgical Homes has resulted in a better patient experience by offering preoperative education classes, standardizing intraoperative care and developing postoperative plans including opioid exit strategies for patients. Studies show that the ERAS approach can reduce complications, recovery time, postoperative nausea, vomiting, cognitive dysfunction, pain scores and the need for opioids. ERAS has helped usher our organization into the new landscape of care for the surgical patient.

Superior Leadership & Clinical Governance

Siromed was built by and for high-performing physician led groups to focus on delivering the highest quality patient care and excellent clinical outcomes for their patients. Our strong, specialized leadership team is fully committed to this goal and represents the best of a cross-section of industries, including anesthesiology, healthcare, IT, business development, finance, legal, compliance, HR, hospital relations and payer contracting. Meet the leaders who are helping to shape the future of practice management.
  • Karen Bolton
  • Laura Zanchetta
  • Frank Punal
  • Gregory Bock
  • Traci Coffman, MD
  • Jacqueline Segal
  • Brandy Horton
  • Timothy Cahill, MD

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